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We specialise in tenant evictions and helping you get the best out of your property.
Landlord & Eviction Consultants are a specialist consultancy providing and assisting landlords with evicting unwanted tenants. We also have expertise in handling various tenant and landlord disputes from rent arrears to contract renewals. With over 20 years experience we pride ourselves in treating each case with the professional attention it deserves making sure we achieve the right result for our clients.
We act for a variety of landlords and estate agents and have extensive knowledge of Local Authority and Housing Association tenancies. We have extensive knowledge of housing law and the law relating to the allocation of social housing and have a wealth of experience securing possession of residential property through the courts.
If you wish to discuss your case in more detail please send us an email or call 07961-769-418
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Whether it's a tenancy dispute, non-payment of rent or you simply need your property back Landlord & Eviction Consultants are the only people you need to speak to.
Our fees are highly competitive and we work solely for our landlords making sure we get the best reult for you.
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